Senate passes extension of application deadline for PPP small-business loans until Aug 8, 2020. WISE is committed to help small businesses to get the funding they need.

Do It Yourself

This option is for client who is requesting PPP loan amount less than $20,000 and/or can upload all docs on his/her own.  This service is FREE and can apply directly with the lender.

Once all docs are uploaded, there is NOTHING more the client needs to do, just wait for email when the loan is approved.

Professional Consultant

This option is for client who is requesting at least $20,000 loan and above, and needs professional consultant and willing to pay for a small fee, please download the following documents, collect the necessary information and email them to

For this option:

  • Client will be assigned to a professional consultant
  • Consultant works with SBA directly and will provide answer within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Funding within 7 business days if approved
  • Consultant will work with client on legally how to use the fund

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